In the past, some cultures believed that yoga was a cult and that there would need to be a certain initiation to join this group. Today, many people incorporate yoga into their fitness routine to promote flexibility, relaxation and a strong body. Yoga causes you to be aware and use energies you have for positive support. Even today, we are still trying to reveal and confirm the mysterious principles and truth of yoga.

Yoga is the Hindu word for “union”. This practice focuses on physical, mental and spiritual discipline for the soul, heart and the mind. Yoga is not only a physical exercise, but it is also a way of life. There are people that actually live yoga every day. Yoga has different perspectives that are heavily focused on such as, purification of the body, seeing divinity in every creature, selflessness, wisdom and intelligence and focusing on an inward higher self. Whichever perspective is a part of your journey, we offer yoga classes for everyone.

At Zenya, our main focus is to meditate on energy and consciousness. There are so many energies and negative perspectives of the world that we often allow it to have a negative impact on our five senses. Contact our yoga experts today!