There are many women who want to continue to do yoga while pregnant. At Zenya, we offer a prenatal yoga class with specific movements designed for pregnant women. We help you engage in appropriate physical activity to guide you to the most comfortable posture while pregnant. The focus of Zenya’s prenatal yoga is proper breathing, correct posture, relaxation and mindfulness to build self-reliance. With these focuses, we want all of our students to anticipate a healthy pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter how old you may be or how many months along you are in your pregnancy, our prenatal yoga classes are for all! One of the most important essentials when pregnant is getting great rest. Prenatal yoga can improve sleep patterns and decrease anxiety and stress. Very often, when pregnant, women tend to have a lot of back pain and nausea. We incorporate many movements to help decrease the pain and tension that you may experience.

Zenya creates a welcoming and relaxing environment. Sign up for prenatal yoga and Zenya today!