So, you have received your certification, from Zenya Yoga or elsewhere, and are ready to teach your first yoga class. If you are like me, you may have some butterflies floating around in your stomach. Just take a deep breath, do your sun salutations, and relax. While you may be nervous, you have to remember the whole point is to share your knowledge and have fun, not completely flip a miracle switch for anybody. Take your time and consider the following.

Discover Your Class – No two classes are exactly the same, but you can typically group your class into a segment. Are you teaching people looking to relax from a long workweek or a group of college athletes looking to become limber? Regardless of who you have, know that you should find a balance between the class you are teaching and your own style.

Outline – When you are going into something new, it is generally a good idea to start with an outline. Making a list of the class you will teach or a list of poses for different class types are two great ways to organize yourself.

Be Yourself – While you want to make sure you are covering the needs of the class, it is also important to be yourself. You can’t please everyone, and trying to force it is generally a bad idea. While you may lose some students with your teaching style, you will also gain the appreciation of those that share your enthusiasm.

Be Nice – There is a difference between being yourself and being rude. If your teaching style doesn’t mesh well with a student and they become upset, politely suggest a teacher that may better fit their needs.

Take It Easy On Yourself – Regardless of what happens, remember that any mistakes you may make are just experiences for you to learn to be better. Namaste.