1. Deep Tissue Massage At Port Warwick

    You use your muscles all day, even just by sitting or feeling stressed! They deserve to relax and rest physically just as much as you deserve a nap emotionally. Benefits From competitive sports to playing a musical instrument to working at the same desk day in and day out, just about any activity can cause your muscles to become tense and sore. Many residents of Newport News don’t even realize h…Read More

  2. Have the Best Massage Experience

    Whether you are seeking relaxation and release of tension, relief from a specific injury or condition, or a combination of reduced stress and improved overall health, finding the right massage therapist, is important to reaching your health goals. Explain your needs to your massage therapist. Be clear about specific goals, and ask them how they are able to support those goals. Ask about any specia…Read More

  3. Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

    There’s a number of reasons that, thousands of years later, yoga is still around and still enthusiastically embraced by millions of people all across the world. It helps to boost strength, enhance flexibility, and increase endurance. From a psychological standpoint, yoga reduces stress and cultivates an awareness and appreciation of the immediate present. An aspect of what we do is yoga teacher …Read More

  4. Maintain Your Body Through Massage

    If you’ve ever visited Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio in Newport News and taken part in one of our yoga classes, you’ve no doubt experienced an enhanced connection between your mind and body. A greater understanding of how your body moves, flexes, and changes in reaction to its environment is something that every health-conscious person should pursue, and yoga is a great way to develop it. Wi…Read More

  5. Can You Resist a Deep Tissue Massage?

    Have you had pain in certain regions of your neck or back? Zenya has certified massage therapists to help you relieve pain and stress! If you are experiencing chronic pain or pressure in certain areas, this is possibly due to inflammation. Inflammation of the muscles or tendons happens because there is a block of circulation and reduced movement of blood. With our deep tissue massages, you are sur…Read More

  6. 3 Signs That You Need a Deep Tissue Massage

    There is nothing better than settling down for a deep tissue massage that is given by a talented massage therapist. Who doesn’t love to get a massage? It feels pretty amazing, and you leave feeling relaxing and at peace with the world around you. However, when many people think of massages, they think of luxury rather than necessity. Massage can help with a wide variety of issues, and i…Read More

  7. Absolute Best Deep Tissue Massage Here

    Why not give the gift of Deep Tissue Massage this holiday season? Check out and turn to Zenya Yoga and Massage Studio. We offer a variety of extensive service that are sure to please you or that special someone in your life you are looking to impress. Our Deep Tissue Massage will relax and release you of your deepest tensions thanks to this extremely stress reducing exercise. Here at Zenya Yoga …Read More