Expectant mothers in Newport News, Virginia have a lot on their plates. Dealing with the changes that your body undergoes can put a real strain on your physical well being, and shifting hormone balances can add new levels of mental and emotional distress to which you are not accustomed. To top it off, you probably also have to continue on with the daily tasks of life like going to work, running errands, and maintaining a household, all while carrying around more weight. That’s why Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio offers prenatal massage services in our Port Warwick facility.

A massage is just the thing to nurture the health of your baby as well as your own physical and mental well being. Our prenatal massage services are specifically designed to address the issues you face during each trimester. Reduced bloating, improved circulation, and recovery from physical and mental fatigue are just a few of the benefits that expectant mothers have to gain from a relaxing and therapeutic massage. And of course, any improvement in the health of an expectant mother is passed on to their unborn child. When you get a prenatal massage, you aren’t just doing yourself a favor; your baby’s situation improves as well.

Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio knows how important physical and mental health is to expectant mothers. That’s why we offer prenatal massage services and prenatal yoga classes to the mothers to be of Newport News. View our yoga class schedule here, or contact us to make a massage appointment today!