Heal Back Pain with Yoga Classes!

If you suffer from back pain, you may have run out of ideas to help soothe your discomfort. Back pain is not only annoying, but it can actually keep you from doing things you want to. If you have tried pain relievers and massage therapy, perhaps there is another way to help with your back pain. Yoga has many healing benefits, one of them being back muscle pain relief. When you practice certain yoga poses, your back muscles can be relaxed and stretched. This, of course, can help you if you suffer from muscle spasms or muscle tension.

At Zenya Yoga Studio, we have the pleasure to provide many different yoga classes. Each class can vary in terms of the style of yoga and the level of challenge it offers. If you have profound back pain, we advise that you either see a doctor or pursue different yoga positions with great caution. For instance, if you are experiencing severe pain, attempting yoga positions may be more difficult and make it worse. However, if you have slight pain and tension in your back, yoga can be an incredible option.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Why do women specifically experience lower back pain? Well, there is a laundry list of reasons, however, the most important reasons are the amount of weight they carry on their bodies every day. This weight can be from their purses, carrying their children, and pregnancy. Over time, the female spine can be overwhelmed by the amount of weight it has to carry. Because of this, yoga can be used to help relieve some of the stress on your spine and back muscles.

For example, if you are pregnant, prenatal yoga classes are available to help expecting mothers handle their body pains. Prenatal yoga, though similar to regular yoga courses, is designed to be easier and focus more on poses that have mother’s lie on their backs, rather than their stomachs (for obvious reasons).

Yoga courses don’t just end at prenatal yoga, there are other classes you can take to help with your back pain. In fact, there are classes designed specifically to assist with back pains. These types of classes focus on yoga poses that help stretch and relax your muscles for the purpose of easing your lower back pain.

Poses to Try!

If you have ever tried yoga before, you will know that there are plenty of different poses out there, each different and used for a different part of the body. For lower back pain, you will notice some yoga poses that you have heard about before in other classes. For instance, Downward Facing Dog is one of the best yoga poses to help stretch out your back. What is most advantageous about this pose is that it focuses on the large group muscles of your lower back and spine. If you continuously carry around heavy objects, this pose would be perfect for you.
As stated, there are plenty of yoga poses out there, just for back pain. Click “poses to try” to see other yoga positions.

Zenya Yoga Studio

If solo yoga sessions aren’t really your thing, Zenya Yoga Studio has incredible yoga classes to try out. We have trained yoga instructors that can help you achieve complete zen and help you ease your back pain. Contact us today to schedule a class.