Rose began her healing journey in 1990, teaching exercise classes and starting a healthcare career in physical therapy and massage. The road has taken her into oncology massage, geriatric therapy, and now into therapeutic yoga. She has been teaching exercise classes and working with Boomers over 20 years to prepare them for a better quality of life as they age. Through yoga, she introduces many to the benefits of yoga postures to improve the physical body, meditation to still the mind, and mindfulness to create heightened awareness of each precious moment. She completed her training in Integral Yoga at the Institute of Health and Healing in Newport News and teaches classes with the Lifelong Learning Society at CNU.
Rose’s background in physical therapy enables her to provide the right environment for clients to learn yoga safely and at their own pace. She is pursuing studies in yoga therapy to help clients with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements, back issues, heart and other health conditions, to regain strength, flexibility, and confidence, so they may continue to enjoy a high quality of life through their yoga practice.