Yoga Teacher and Stress-Management Coach

BeateMy passion for yoga began when I was in my twenties, and, after years of personal practice, I completed a Hatha Yoga Training in 1996. While I was living in Germany, I worked as an educator and Gestalt therapist and enjoyed teaching yoga and workshops. My interest in the body-mind connection has influenced my yogic path since then. I have also traveled several times to Southeast Asia and to India to study meditation and yoga.

Moving to the United States in 2001, I completed the Integrative Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph L’Page and a few years later the Mindfulness Teacher Training with Frank Boccio. Because of my strong interest and background in therapy and holistic healing, I studied with Amy Weintraub to become a LifeForce Practitioner, Level 1, and I completed the Integral Stress Management Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaville.

Depending on the focus of the class, I weave sound, visualization, breath work and meditation into the yoga practice to facilitate the students in their healing process.
Besides teaching in groups, it’s my passion to support individuals in their process of increasing life-quality and well-being. I’m currently working as the program director at Zenya Yoga Academy and train students at the 200- and 500-hour Yoga Alliance levels. I also enjoy living with my husband Ken in Charlottesville, Virginia.