Work, kids, bills, and the other stresses of life tend to gather in your shoulders and back. This tension can leave you restless and anxious if it is not eased. If you have been feeling tension that refuses to release, it may be time to consider a rejuvenating Hot Stone Fusion Massage.

The Combination

Our hot stone fusion is just that: a fusion of ancient Native American treatment, Swedish deep tissue massage, hot stones, and acupressure to melt your tension away. Feel the combination of these techniques transform and soothe your body.

Your Body is Unique

We understand that every person’s body is different, and we can adjust the massage accordingly. Experience deep tissue sculpting during this massage to feel your muscles move to a place of tranquility and ease. Feel free to ask us questions about the massage, and tell us about any concerns you may have before we begin. Our professionals are ready to work with your body and its needs to ensure your comfort.

The Benefits

Not only will you sink into a state of total relaxation, but you will feel the benefits of your body increasing its circulation and blood flow. You will be able to feel the muscles in your body move with renewed energy, as well as the concentration and euphoria in your mind that follow a massage of this level.

Call us today to learn more about our Hot Stone Fusion Massage as well as our other relaxation services. We look forward to giving you the peace and relaxation you deserve.

75 minutes $85