031From competitive sports to playing a musical instrument to working at the same desk day in and day out, just about any activity can cause your muscles to become tense and sore. Many residents of Newport News don’t even realize how much tension they’ve been carrying in their muscles until they visit Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio for a deep tissue massage. Others have been dealing with chronic aches and pains, but may not realize that there are many health benefits that come with getting a massage from a true professional.

As the name implies, deep tissue massage targets tight muscle groups that are located well below the surface of your skin. Unless you’re experiencing pain, you may have only limited awareness of the many muscles in your body. During your massage session we will address all of these muscle groups and focus on the ones where there is tension. Through targeted application of pressure, we can release this tension, leaving both your body and your mind loose and limber. Deep tissue massage releases toxins that build up in your muscles, and can help with respiratory function and digestion. Our clients find that the experience is relaxing and refreshing, leaving them with greatly reduced stress levels.

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a massage, it’s been too long. At Zenya we offer a wide array of specific massage services, and deep tissue massage is a great one for almost everybody. Do yourself a favor and contact Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio to schedule your Newport News massage today!