1. Raising the Bar with Barre Fusion Certification Courses

    Is it a fad or trend or is barre fusion here to stay? Though it would seem that barre fusion classes are just the latest in a line of fitness fads, considering the amount of gyms and fitness classes that are suddenly offering barre fusion in their menu of lessons, the style of barre first originated in 1950's London. Inspired by ballet, the workout incorporates many of the same movements that have…Read More

  2. The Health Benefits of Yoga Therapy

    After a softball injury to her hand left her with a cyst-like lump on her wrist that grew larger as the years went by, Briann sought the help of an orthopedic surgeon who drained the growth, only to have it reappear just months later. Though virtually painless, the lump was unsightly and did threaten the functionality of her hand. The orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery that may not only affec…Read More

  3. More Than Your Typical Yoga Certification Program

    Teaching yoga is an incredibly rewarding career, but it involves more than just your ability to teach others how to get in and out of poses. In order to be a successful yoga teacher, you have to also have know how to market yourself and run a business successfully. When you get your yoga certification elsewhere, you will learn how to become a teacher, but not much else. However, when you decided t…Read More

  4. Start Enjoying a Healthier Lifestyle With Yoga Teacher Training

    Do you find yourself daydreaming about your yoga practice while you are sitting at your desk all day long? Sitting idly at a desk is not only boring, but it is also a hazard to your health! People that sit at a desk for 8 hours everyday have a higher risk for heart disease, colon cancer, poor circulation, soft bones and so much more! If you are sick of risking your health (and your sanity) sitting…Read More

  5. 3 Signs That You Need a Deep Tissue Massage

    There is nothing better than settling down for a deep tissue massage that is given by a talented massage therapist. Who doesn’t love to get a massage? It feels pretty amazing, and you leave feeling relaxing and at peace with the world around you. However, when many people think of massages, they think of luxury rather than necessity. Massage can help with a wide variety of issues, and i…Read More

  6. 3 Ways in Which Prenatal Yoga Can Change Your Pregnancy

    There are many discomforts, aches, and pains associated with pregnancy. Some women absolutely love to be pregnant, while most of us just want it to be over. Exercising while pregnant is one of your best tools in not only keeping the baby weight off post-delivery, but also having a smooth pregnancy today. Many people consider prenatal yoga to be one of the best ways to exercise while being pregnant…Read More

  7. Reflexology Massage and so much more

    There are few things in life more enjoyable than a Reflexology Massage. There also just might be few things that are more beneficial. For starters, this type of service definitely is great at reducing pain. This is backed by documentation in 27 studies that even include research that shows the impact on individuals from all state of all ages. As we earlier indicated, a reflexology massage also do…Read More

  8. Best Yoga Teacher Training in Newport News here

    There is no substitute or value you can put or the foundation of a good education. That holds true in practically in everything, not to mention yoga. That is why if you are looking for the best Yoga Teacher Training in Newport News, you most definitely are in the right place. We have two different education programs that include 200-hour education, 500-hour education and continued education. With…Read More

  9. Yoga Teacher Training Available Here

    Now that New Year is gloriously upon us, why not shift your sights toward achieving some goals you just fell short of attaining this past year? If one of those goals was to become a yoga teacher than you would be more than wise to check us out right here at Zenya Yoga and Massage Studio where we offer the absolute best and most affordable Yoga Teacher Training. Located in the greater Newport News,…Read More

  10. Enter here for Yoga Teacher Training

    Looking to do something a little different with your life? Well, you don't have to wait until the New Year to get started. Here at Zenya Yoga and Massage Studio, we offer and provide Yoga Teacher Training for those who may be interested. Located out of the greater Newport News, Virginia area. We have a variety yoga certification levels, including 200-hour certification, 500-hour certification and…Read More