With so many choices of yoga classes to chose from, and with all of the different poses that can be addressed from one session to the next, it may sometimes be hard to grasp the common threads that connect the different types of yoga practice. What’s more, you may find yourself excelling in some poses while others never fail to make you feel like a beginner every time you attempt them.

The expert yoga instructors at Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio of Newport News understand that there is something far more valuable to be gained from practicing yoga than the mastery of specific poses. The most important thing about your yoga practice is that you do it! It takes dedication to come to class every week, and determination to keep trying to improve in the face of endless challenges. There is a discipline to your yoga practice, and it’s important to understand that it isn’t isolated from the rest of your life.

Yoga teaches us to meet our challenges and expand our limits through hard work and sheer willpower. That’s a capability that can be applied in multiple areas of life, especially when you start to see success in your practice. There is no substitute for the confidence you gain from demonstrating to yourself that you can learn and improve, all while building a stronger connection between your body and mind.

Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio is here to help you pursue greater levels of discipline and understanding with our extensive yoga class offerings. If you live in or near Newport News, we’re waiting to help you on your journey. Contact us today!