There are few things in life more enjoyable than a Reflexology Massage. There also just might be few things that are more beneficial. For starters, this type of service definitely is great at reducing pain. This is backed by documentation in 27 studies that even include research that shows the impact on individuals from all state of all ages. As we earlier indicated, a reflexology massage also does a great job of creating relaxation. Evidence of this is found in EEG brain activity that demonstrates and shows a more relaxed state.

Another added benefit is that it improves blood flow to the intestines, brain, feet and kidneys. A reflexology massage also aide post operative recovery because it reduces the use of post operative analgesics and lessons the pain. It is also said to have soothing and calming effects on those who may suffer from mental illness — in that it can help reduce anxiety and depression.

For women out there who are pregnant or might be thinking about becoming pregnant, reflexology massage can help ease the trials and tribulations of pregnancy as evidenced by documented labor times that are shorter. It also is said to assist in negating postpartum bowel movements, anxiety, depression and urination. In addition to offering reflexology massage, we also offer numerous yoga classes and instruction. We also offer facials and other massage services that are sure to put you at ease and make you feel great.