Is it a fad or trend or is barre fusion here to stay? Though it would seem that barre fusion classes are just the latest in a line of fitness fads, considering the amount of gyms and fitness classes that are suddenly offering barre fusion in their menu of lessons, the style of barre first originated in 1950’s London. Inspired by ballet, the workout incorporates many of the same movements that have kept ballet dancers in amazing shape for hundreds of years. Ballet bar techniques coupled with the core development movements of yoga and pilates, create the fitness routine that has made an impression on gyms and yoga studios everywhere with its comprehensive approach to total body fitness. By not focusing on reps or pounds lifted and keeping to precision and proper form, barre fusion works muscles by isolating them with intensity.
Yoga and pilates instructors who are looking to expand their offering of fitness classes can make the transition to teaching barre fusion somewhat easier than other dance or fitness instructors. Because barre fusion already incorporates many of the same moves and techniques, adding barre fusion to your repertoire as a fitness instructor is just a matter of getting certified. The barre fusion certification class at Zenya at Port Warwick is intended to help you structure and choreograph a safe, effective and fun class that is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels. Find out more about our classes and getting certified by visiting our yoga instructor certification page on our website. You’ll find costs, training topics and schedule of classes there but if you should have any additional classes,we welcome your call at 757-643-6900.