If you’ve ever visited Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio in Newport News and taken part in one of our yoga classes, you’ve no doubt experienced an enhanced connection between your mind and body. A greater understanding of how your body moves, flexes, and changes in reaction to its environment is something that every health-conscious person should pursue, and yoga is a great way to develop it. With such an understanding, it is possible to do more, whether you’re a competitive athlete or just someone who wants to improve their physical capabilities. But while yoga can help you understand what your body can do, massage can give your body what it needs.

During physical activity, your muscles use oxygen to react with sugars, fats, and proteins in order to produce the needed energy. A by-product of this energy production is something called lactic acid. As you continue to work a particular muscle group during sustained exercise, lactic acid begins to build up in your muscles, eventually resulting in the sensation of fatigue. Massage can alleviate this fatigue by releasing lactic acid and other toxins from the targeted muscles. Muscles that have been overworked may also experience heightened neurological activity, resulting in chronic tension. Deep tissue massage is used to curb this excessive nerve behavior and restore your muscles to a relaxed state.

While you can practice yoga to improve physical ability for yourself, you must enlist a trusted massage professional to really maintain your muscles to keep them loose, flexible, and ready to operate at their full potential. Contact Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio at Port Warwick to schedule a massage today!