Whether you are seeking relaxation and release of tension, relief from a specific injury or condition, or a combination of reduced stress and improved overall health, finding the right massage therapist, is important to reaching your health goals.

Explain your needs to your massage therapist. Be clear about specific goals, and ask them how they are able to support those goals. Ask about any specialized training and experience they may have.

Personal philosophy and approach are also important factors. Do you prefer complete silence? Do you want to let your therapist use their expertise to adjust focus as needed, or do you expect to actively give feedback? Discuss these personal preferences and make sure your personal approach to your well-being is a fit with your therapist’s approach. An experienced, thoughtful therapist will be able to successfully adjust their approach to meet your specific needs.

Check out the rooms and facilities. Fancy decor and integrated sound systems are nice, but they aren’t really going to improve your experience. Is the environment clean, calming, and pleasant? Is the lighting adjustable to suite your preferences? Are the massage tables comfortable and adjustable? Are the rooms properly insulated so you won’t be disturbed by outside noise? These are important things to consider.

Choose the Right Massage for You

You may not know right off the bat what type of massage is going to be the best for you. Choosing a studio, like Zenya, where therapists offer a wide variety of techniques, is a good place to start.

Talk to your therapist about your options.  Here are a few types of massage that you may want to consider.

Sports or orthopedic:  If your goals include reducing pain from a specific injury, increasing range of motion, or speeding recovery of overworked muscles, orthopedic massage is a great choice. It is an especially excellent option if you are combining massage therapy with ongoing physical therapy.

Craniosacral therapy: This gentle therapy focuses on your spine, head, and neck. It helps to relieve tension and return your skeletal system to its correct position. Do you spend a long time sitting in front of a computer every day? Or are you carrying uneven loads for long periods of time? Those, and many other repetitive activities, can cause spinal compression and generally throw your body out of alignment. Craniosacral massage therapy is great for relaxation and for the alleviation of headaches, neck pain, and lower-back pain. The light, extended pressure, is very relaxing, making this a great add-on to any other spa services you may be receiving.  

Prenatal: Prenatal massage helps relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy and provides deep relaxation that can benefit baby and mother. Be sure that your massage therapist is properly trained, like those at Zenya.

There are a lot of options to choose from, including traditional Swedish, hot stone, and custom therapies that include techniques, such as cupping. Call us here at Zenya to consult with our therapists and choose the right option for you.