You know how great yoga is, why won’t they listen to you?

America in 2019 thrives on a culture of exercise avoidance. Even just this weekend, famous musician Cardi B was criticized for cancelling a number of her shows claiming her ability to perform was negatively affected by her liposuction. Her reason for liposuction? She lacks the time in the day to work out. Don’t we all?

Today, you don’t have to be a celebrity to feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to everything you want to. Usually exercise falls to the wayside because of the time and effort that it takes. It can be a sensitive subject to bring up, especially without accidentally offending or weight shaming. However, regular exercise is super important for _everyone_ and no, the minimal amount of walking you do around the office doesn’t count. The American diet isn’t built to sustain a healthy weight, strong muscles, and flexibility on its own without additional workouts.

One of the most common things we hear about yoga is, “that was a lot harder than I thought it would be!” We know! Yoga is a hard, but rewarding, workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Maybe you’re already an experienced yogi looking to recruit new friends, or a new yogi hoping to not be so lonely on the mat, either way, let’s talk about how you can convince your anti-exercise friend to practice yoga with you.

Mindful Of Injuries

One of the many benefits to yoga is that all of the poses can be modified to account for personal injuries. Do you have a curved spine that makes laying flat on the ground uncomfortable and painful? Unlike other sports where you’re encouraged to “push through the pain,” yoga is about being mindful of those pains and practicing kindness with your body. Adjust when you need to and move in a way that feels good.

Lose Weight

Yup! You will lose weight and tone your muscles through yoga. It’s an exercise that focuses on gaining strength and flexibility. Yoga poses challenge your muscles through a slow, healthy burn that promotes endurance. You’ll lose weight as you strengthen your entire body.

Accept Yourself

Yoga is not competitive. Instead of striving to be better than someone else, the best way to succeed in yoga is to accept and listen to yourself. If a friend is struggling with their self-esteem or mental health, yoga is a great tool to help them slow down and calm down. It teaches you to meditate while stretching your body. That way you get the combined benefits of physical exercise and positive thinking.

We bet bringing up these three reasons — or even sending this blog! — to your friends will make them more inclined to join you with a mat. Yoga is the ultimate way to workout without feeling intimidated or like a failure. At the studio, you’ll see people of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles, and cultures doing their best and learning acceptance of self — just like you! Grab a friend and join us for class; we look forward to meeting you.