Have you had pain in certain regions of your neck or back? Zenya has certified massage therapists to help you relieve pain and stress! If you are experiencing chronic pain or pressure in certain areas, this is possibly due to inflammation. Inflammation of the muscles or tendons happens because there is a block of circulation and reduced movement of blood. With our deep tissue massages, you are sure to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Deep tissue massage therapy is just what it sounds like. It is an intense type of massage that focuses on the connection of tissues and muscles. It helps release tension and stress in the deeper levels of muscles. Deep tissue massages are generally a little bit more intense than regular massages because they require more pressure on certain areas. There may be discomfort in some areas, but you are always welcome to tell your massage therapist what you can handle.

Zenya highly recommends our deep tissue massages because it’s more effective than prescriptions, some exercises and specific diets. It’s also suggested that after a deep tissue massage, you drink a good amount of water. The results of a deep tissue massage can vary from person to person, but generally provide most people with less pain and stress. Contact our massage therapists today to help you relieve your stress and pain!